What are you passionate about?  

On the first day of camp, we share our favorite writers, music, and shows. What makes us happy and what makes us angry?  What is important to us?  In short, what are we passionate about?  Children's experiences and opinions of the world matter. 

Writing, Listening and Creating

EVA's encourages the creative process and supports the young artist in finding their voice.  Together we craft their experiences into monologues, short plays, and spoken word pieces. Each young artist will have the opportunity to create a monologue, a spoken word piece and collaborate with their classmates on a short play.

Building Confidence While Having Fun

EVA's techniques teach young artists how to move through self-consciousness by connecting with their writing and by supporting their fellow performers.  Children gain confidence by doing.  Whether your child is class clown or the most shy student, they will have fun while creating original work within a supportive group.